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  • Rocket Launches and the Gravity Turn: Navigating Space on a Cosmic Curve

    When it comes to launching a spacecraft, there’s much more involved than simply firing it straight up. Enter the gravity turn, a maneuver that leverages the force of gravity to steer a vehicle onto its desired trajectory. It’s a critical aspect of rocket launches and space exploration, enabling more efficient use of fuel and minimizing…

  • Amateur Radio in Space: A Global Collaboration

    Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, has been reaching the final frontier for decades, fostering international collaboration and educational opportunities while simultaneously providing a thrilling hobby for licensed operators. Here is a brief look at the international aspects of amateur radio in space, including the involvement of various countries, astronauts with amateur radio licences…

  • The Evolution of Computers in Space: A Journey from Apollo to Now

    In the vast expanse of space, where human presence is physically limited, computers have been our reliable allies, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and capabilities. Analog and Digital Computers: The Early Days of Spaceflight As we embarked on our quest to conquer space, the reliance on computers was indispensable. Early space missions, including the…

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