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  • Igniting the Future: OpenRocket’s Potential for the Next Generation



    In an era where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields are proliferating, young minds need tools that are accessible, yet powerful enough to provide practical understanding. OpenRocket, an open-source model rocket simulation software, is one such tool that holds promise for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and hobbyists. OpenRocket was originally developed in…

  • Rocket Launches and the Gravity Turn: Navigating Space on a Cosmic Curve

    When it comes to launching a spacecraft, there’s much more involved than simply firing it straight up. Enter the gravity turn, a maneuver that leverages the force of gravity to steer a vehicle onto its desired trajectory. It’s a critical aspect of rocket launches and space exploration, enabling more efficient use of fuel and minimizing…

  • Rocket Engines, Acoustics, and the Resonance of Launch

    The realm of rocket science, while primarily governed by mathematical equations and physics principles, is also deeply intertwined with the more nuanced domain of acoustics. It is not only the intense heat and force of the rocket exhaust that can cause potential damage during a launch; the powerful vibrations produced by the noise can also…